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We work with brands & creators by helping them launch their Web3 experiences, applying best practices with our technology solutions.

Founded in 2021, Nalikes Studio is a team of digital consultants and builders focusing on the Web3 ecosystem.

Onboarded 1M+ people into Web3 with our easy to use NFT minting and wallet solutions.

Since 2021, The Nalikes team has launched over 100 smart contracts for our clients.

We not only ensure a successful project launch but help you create long-term engagement, utility and benefit for both your brand and your NFT holders.

We're Innovators.

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Bugatti Group NFT

The Bugatti Group's Genesis NFT Collection; A new immersive shopping experience that takes the consumers digital persona to the next level.

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The Shiboshis Club

This NFT Collection is brought to you by the Bugatti Group & The Shiboshis Club which can be redeemed for a custom crossbody or carry-on of your Shiboshi, depending on the image"

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The mission of The X NFT Collection is to preserve history, make it actionable and ownable, while building a thriving web3 community through a high stakes strategy game.

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The Sandbox Game

Arabian Nights is a unique experience developed in the Sandbox Metaverse that portrays the culture of Arabia. Ride a camel, drink ghawa and find the hidden treasures in the vast deserts of Arabia.

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Rak Ceramics

RAK Ceramics one of the largest ceramics brands in the world enters web3 by launching a unique experience for their customers in Decentraland.

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Realm of Cuboids

Realm of Cuboids is a brawler-style video game on the Ethereum Blockchain.
Fight againts other players and earn with your skills.

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Binance NFT

To promote their newly launched NFT Marketplace Binance airdropped limited edition NFTs to the visitors during NFT Mena 2022 in Bahrain.

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American Crypto Academy

#LEARNcrypto is the first NFT launch of the American Crypto Academy and establishes the Academy’s Founding Members.

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Pixelated NFTs

A white label product that converts an image into a pixelated NFT and mints it on the Binance Smart chain in real time. Launched during NFT Mena 2022 and gained 1000+ users in 3 days.

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Bezat is one of the largest online raffle app with 90,000+ monthly active users, an in-app marketplace and a decentralized crypto exchange.

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Sardana is a physical NFT project in collaboration with Leena Al Ayoobi and My Gold Souq. Each NFT can be claimed for a gold jewelry item.

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Benefit Pay

Benefit Pay launched their first NFT collection during NFT MENA EXHIBIT 2022.

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Radio Bahrain

Radio Bahrain 96.5 became the first in the industry to launch it's own NFT collection during NFT MENA EXHIBIT 2022.

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