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Nalikes Studio is a full-stack blockchain development agency that provides blockchain development services and builds Web3 products.

We have helped over 100 customers launch their NFT collections, Metaverse experiences, D-Apps, and other custom software solutions.

Our team has successfully launched over 150 products across EVM and Rust based blockchains.

The products and solutions that we have built have helped our clients generate more than $10 million in revenue.

We not only ensure a successful project launch but help you create long-term engagement, utility and benefit for both your brand and your NFT holders.

We're Innovators.

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Game Development

D-Apps Development

UI/UX Design

Web-App Development

Custom Solutions

Our Work

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    Shadow War

    A next-generation hybrid action title for competitive and casual gamers alike. Free to play, hero-based, built in Unreal Engine 5.

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    Galaxy emerges as a beacon of innovation, offering a secure and transparent, multichain platform for individuals and entities alike to engage in P2P transactions with unparalleled freedom and confidentiality.

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    A multipurpose platform that allows users to enjoy every aspect of the DeFi ecosystem while socializing with a strong community.

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    The Hoopas

    The Hoopas have a profound story that embodies inspiring and authentic values, relatable humor, and an endearing demeanor.

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    The Bugatti Group

    Powered by Nalikes NFT Launchpad, the Bugatti Group launched a phygital collection bridging their luxury bag products to web3.

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    Degen Distillery

    Degen Distillery is co-creating the world's first spirits brand powered by next-gen technology.

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    Snaip Bot

    Experience seamless, lightning-fast crypto-trading with Snaip's Telegram trading bot.

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    Play trivia games, win crypto prizes.

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    The American Crypto Academy

    Cryptocurrency and Blockchain education platform built on top of Nalikes D-app Solutions.

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    The XNFT

    Led By Former Activision Lead Designer "Daniel Dilallo" , The X NFT is the first VR-based NFT Game powered by Nalikes Gaming Solutions.

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    Zkitty DAO

    5333 cute collectibles with powerful airdrop farming utility. Earn airdrop tokens by minting & staking NFTs.

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    Providing Web3 investors access to high fixed-yield solutions & engaging financial planning.

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    Automining Token

    A casual easy-to-play game where strategic decisions have to be taken to grow a mining business with profitable results. Powered by Nalikes Gaming Solutions.

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Shehroz Saleem

Talha Asif

Talha Minhaas

Plus an AWESOME team of 15+ developers, designers and creators.

Let's BUIDL Together.